“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

Winston S. Churchill

Connecting with the past opens us to enriching experiences and meaningful lessons.

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Canada is Missing its Wings!

When you’re considering the iconic symbols that represent Canada, I’m sure you have a few thoughts that come to mind. Perhaps maple syrup, beavers, poutine, maple leaves, Inukshuk, free health care… In fact, there are many symbols that can be associated with the great white north, though only a few of them are recognized asContinue reading “Canada is Missing its Wings!”

Is John Smith the Worst?

When creating the ideal leading man for your Disney classic, you may want to leave out any information that might skew the audience’s perception and likability of the prince. This may lead to changed narratives that conveniently leave out the upsetting realities of our past. When considering the 1995 Disney hit, Pocahontas, this certainly ringsContinue reading “Is John Smith the Worst?”

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